Right now at this moment as we speak

Two humpback whales
are breaching eight miles
off the coast of Venezuela
and monks are chanting
in Nepalese in Nepal
and in Monserrat in Spanish
and a woman in a suburb
of Lincoln, Nebraska
has just been told her nephew’s
cancer is in remission
and a 3,000 year old Redwood
on the north coast of California
is still alive at this moment
and someone in Salamanca
has just found a fifty Euro bill
on the sidewalk and a newborn is crying
in the village of a nearly extinct tribe
in East Timor and the sun here just now
broke through to paint everything in color
and the coffee I’m sipping as I write this
tastes especially rich and in Nigeria
a man at this moment has lost his goat
just so he will find it again and be glad.