Refrigerator Art (magnets not included)
<strong>The Final Assault:</strong>

The Final Assault



<strong>The View From Jeff's House:</strong>

The View From Jeff's House

<strong>Night Man:</strong>

Night Man

<strong>Lost in the Crazyass Brain of the Sky:</strong>

Lost in the Crazyass Brain of the Sky

<strong>El Camino de Santiago:</strong>

El Camino de Santiago

<strong>Cheer Up Fer Crissakes:</strong>

Cheer Up Fer Crissakes

<strong>Des Amis:</strong>

Des Amis

<strong>How to write a poem:</strong>

How to write a poem

<strong>do not read this sign:</strong>

do not read this sign

<strong>Greetings from my inner life:</strong>

Greetings from my inner life

<strong>Greetings from Rhode Island!:</strong>

Greetings from Rhode Island!

<strong>Carl the Tree:</strong>

Carl the Tree

<strong>Keep Breathing:</strong>

Keep Breathing

<strong>Go Somewhere:</strong>

Go Somewhere



<strong>In the Year 2525:</strong>

In the Year 2525

<strong>Hello Dali:</strong>

Hello Dali

<strong>Greetings from the Hendersons of Muncie, Indiana:</strong>

Greetings from the Hendersons of Muncie, Indiana

<strong>Revolution #9:</strong>

Revolution #9